• Vocabulary development: 2 years old; child should have 200-300 word vocabulary, 3 years old; child should have 900-1,000 word vocabulary, 4 years old; child should have 1,500-1,600 word vocabulary, 5 years old (by kindergarten); child should have 2,100-2,200 word vocabulary. For more specific language development data please see link Language Development.
  • Language can be divided into several different aspects. Receptive language consists of what a child understands when he or she hears or reads them. Expressive language consists of the words that a child uses when he or she speaks.
  • Language can be divided further into form, content, and use. Form consists of word order and grammar patterns. Content consists of the words used and their meaning. And use consists of the social rules of language in context.
  • When children work on expanding both their receptive and expressive language they will often work on the following skills; labeling antonyms and synonyms, identifying categories and members, identifying or providing definitions for multiple meaning words, or organizing language-sequencing.
  • Click on the Language link to find picture flashcards designed to increase your child's vocabulary development. Use the flashcards to identify functions, antonyms/synonyms, categories, or try to use the word in a phrase or sentence.

Print two copies of the pictures below and expand your child's vocabulary by identifying functions, putting pictures in categories, labeling antonyms/synonyms, or use the word in a sentence.